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on amtrak today, but the rail service reported no significant delays going in or out of union station. the rail service is adding cars to many of their trains, but they don't plan to add any additional service for the christmas holiday. >>> and to the roads now, traffic is still heavy at this hour. this is a live look at i-95 near maryland 100. cars moving at a snail's pace tonight. 93 million americans are expected to hit the roads for the holidays, so pack your patience if you're one of them. >>> it could be the end for jack's boat house on the georgetown waterfront. the national park service asked the canoe and kayak rental company to move out by the end of january. the man who operates the facility says he got a notification letter from the park service on wednesday. he says the boat house technically has no lease, but it's been operating out of the same location on the potomac since the 1940s. he says he plans to fight the request. >>> family of four is safe but forced out of their home tonight after a fire breaks out in montgomery county. this was the aftermath around 6:15 on ca
. >>> it is 6:09. welcome back. a live look right now outside union station. seeing that wind having its way with that flag right now. we do have some dry conditions in our immediate area, but changes are on the way. veronica will have the snow forecast in a few minutes. >>> this morning, police in virginia are investigating how a man died after his body was found in a van on the side of the road. an officer discovered the vehicle at the intersection chambridge road. homicide investigators were called in because of what they call suspicious circumstances. >>> one person is dead and two others seriously hurt after a fire ripped through a townhouse in prince george's county. flames ripped through the entire home, burning right through the roof. police have not released the name of the victim. two people were taken to the hospital but are expected to survive. this morning, investigators are still figuring out what started that fire. >>> and the time now is ten minutes after 6:00. next, the milestone that shows just how bad violence is right now in one u.s. city. >>> plus, the historic event tha
. detectives tell us there was an explosion around 4:00 this morning here at the virginia credit union on gordon shelton boulevard. the outdoor atm was damaged but no money was taken. the credit union was open for business today. no other explosives were found. >>> a 14-year-old boy is dead after a prince george's county shooting. police say reyes was walking with a group of friends just before 1:00 a.m. on sheridan street in louisdale. men driving by in a car opened fire on teens. reyes was taken to the hospital and later died. another teenager was hit but he's expected to be okay. police believe the shooting was gang related. >>> a fighting over spring speech is in dispute. a man said bad reviews on yelp are costing him business and a lot of money. more on the story. >> jim, today's hearing was all about what jane perez can and cannot say online when this lawsuit is pending. perez wrote bad re suviews, and implies someone from his company may have stolen her jewelry. this is deets walking out of court with his attorney today. he said perez's comments are costing him big money. perez
camera outside of union station. things are a little dreary looking out there. we've got a slight wind picking up. you can see there with that flag. veronica will have the snow forecast track in a few minutes. >> this morning, police in virginia are investigating how a man died after his body was found in a car on the side of the road. an officer discovered the vehicle up a steep embankment in vienna last night. a man's body was inside that car. someone spotted the van crashing through a barrier earlier in the evening. homicide investigators were called in because of suspicious circumstances. >>> an elderly woman is dead and two others injured after a prior broke out in prince george's county. flames ripped through the entire home. police have not released the name of the victim. two people were taken to the hospital. they're expected to survive. investigators are still trying to figure out what started that fire. >>> right now, just 11 minutes after the 9:00 hour. in sports, will the nhl season end before it starts? >> coming up next, the move happening today that might get the caps o
of the union for 2013, will he be able to start with a clean table and talk about the future, the things he wants to talk about after we're through this mess. >> i think it's essential to his presidency that the answer to that be yes. really, this is the unfinished business of his first term, chris. we haven't heard anything about -- chris: so ideally we will get to that. >> those speeches are data points that live in history that are important to the president and most people are talking about the quarter or the end of the year so i think he's got to have that. chris: will it be a forward-looking opportunity for him? >> yes and he'll be able to look forward. >> he wants to say to the country, we are making a fresh start. these divisive political issues of the last four years are ending and that's why i think there may be something closer to a grand bargain. chris: all he has to worry about is iran after this is over with. >> you got it. he's got the biggest, most dangerous foreign policy issues coming at him right away. chris: keep the iranians from going weaponized. all this fiscal cliff
of an extended ten-hour session. no details have been released, but players union and owners did exchange new proposals. players say they will meet internally today to go over the new offers. the lockout is now in its 83rd day and the sides are still split over how to divide league revenues. >>> kent ullmann is challenging rashard baker the a friendly wager ahead of sunday's showdown between the redskins and the ravens. >> if somehow -- if you somehow sneak a victory, which i can't imagine happening, even though you got lucky this past week against the giants, i will proudly wear an rg3 jersey for an entire day. >> ullmann says the f the ravens win, he wants baker to wear the jersey of haloti ngata at work on friday. baker has accepted the challenge but says he wants to up the ante. he will reveal his new terms for the deal today. that's some pretty strong talk there. saying if they sneak by a win. listen, we've won three in a row against some pretty tough teams and he should be proud to wear rg3's jersey any day. >> we know you are. you've been wearing it every day. time is 4:51. time to get
first. trains are crowded but there are no significant delays going in and out of union station. the rail service is adding cars to many of their trains but they don't plan to add any additional service in and out of washington for the christmas holiday. now to the roads. packed with holiday travelers. look at. this a live look at i-95 at dumfries road. just a sea of cars heading away from washington tonight. 93 million americans are expected to hit the road for the holidays. so you might want to pack your patience if you're one of them. if you spent the day doing last-minute shopping, chances are you had a lot of company. going to show you the scene near westfield montgomery mall where there was lots of traffic, some long lines and also very few parking spaces. in fact, most malls are open extra late tonight and tomorrow night for all you procrastinateors out there. some major stores like macy's are also staying open 24 hours a day right through christmas eve. >> now a news 4 exclusive, a fedex driver shaken up but not seriously hurt after being held up right in the middle of m
this morning. in michigan republican lawmakers pushed through a right to work bill banning unions paying fees. they called the law an attack on worker's rights. >>> in greece, violence between protesters and police. >>> in bangladesh an official says that fire that killed 112 people last month was in a garment factory that had lost its safety certification back in june. also, the factory owner was authorized to run a three story business but it was illegally expanded to eight storiesed adding a ninth at the time of the late november blaze. >>> at the smithsonian museum in washington, the world's largest cut stone is now on display. the aqua marine gem is more than a foot tall and weighs almost five pounds. it's called the don pedro gemba. >>> we're going to find out how hard super storm sandy slammed the economy with the government's november jobs report. economists fear sandy battered hiring with estimates of 80 to 93,000 jobs added. that's compared to 171,000 in october. >>> well, good news though from yesterday's weekly jobless claims which held steady right around the pre-storm level. >>>
. surveillance video showed someone planting explosive at the virginia credit union about 4:00 this morning. but it wasn't strong enough to break open the atm. >> kind of warm early today, but not anymore. veronica, is it going to get colder tonight? >> that it is, for sure. it's gotten a little uncomfortable for us. the wind, there is still some wind out there. but i still skpnt it to settle on down. but all of us walking a little faster from inside in. and here's the reason why. the temperatures have really dropped. we're at 39 degrees right now. you folks in franconia. look at the current windchill readings. shave 6-7 degrees off the air temp and you've got it. another opportunity for a warm up. stick around for my forecast. >> the distriblgt is about to get more help for sandy clean up. today, president obama declared a major disaster in d.c. ordering federal aid to supplement efforts. the president made an emergency declaration for the district shortly after sandy. but a major declaration means more long-term federal aid. >> coming up tonight, a dramatic end to a 10-hour stand off up i
don't like how guns are more and more acceptable in public places. >> when you're in union station and you come down the escalator and there's a few police there with guns slung over and -- i hate that. >> gun store owners say the protest probably won't make a difference. in fact, the stores have seen an increase in sales because many fear stricter regulations in light of the newtown school shooting. >>> all right. let's go to melissa mollet with breaking news at the live desk. >> brand new surveillance video we got from new york police. this is just into the newsroom. take a look. video of the woman police say pushed a man to his death in front of a subway train in new york thursday night. it is a bit hard to sigh. but it shows the woman running from the platform in queens. witnesses say she had been following the man closely and mumbling to herself and then shoved him as the train pulled into the platform. the second time this month, someone has been shoved to their death on subway tracks. she's described as heavy-set and in her 20s. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. >>>
and apologized for against gays. >> what is the core message of the state of the union? >> well, you tell me if there's a deal at the end of the year. the president has promised to put guns in his state of the union. which by the way, this has been a club that the white house has threatened over boehner, which is saying, hey, you are know i'm going to win the political argument and the white house is right but at what cost to the economy? ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now through december 31st. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 e350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 e350 for $579 a month let'for an idea.s - a grand idea called america. the idea that if you work hard, if you have a dream, if you work with your neighbors... you can do most anything. this led to other ideas like liberty and rock 'n' roll. to free markets, free enterprise, and free refills. it put a man on the moon and a phone in your pocket. our c
did not do anything to the cash machine at virginia credit union, except give it a few burn marks. a bomb squad technician checked out the scene to make sure it was safe. the bank stayed open all day. police say there is surveillance video of the incident from about 4:00 this morning. they have not made any arrests at this point. >>> gang violence may be responsible for the murder of a teenager in prince george's county. he was 14 years old and he was shot early this morning in louisdale. pat collins is live at the police headquarters where they're trying to piece together exactly what happened. pat? >> reporter: wendy, a 14-year-old hanging out with gang members ends up dead, shot and killed in a drive-by. the victim, eliez reyes. he goes by the name of cheche. reyes shot and killed this morning. he was 14 years old. police describe it as a gang-related murder. here's why. >> we've determined that the victim was with at least two known gang members early this morning when the murder occurred. >> was the victim involved in the gang? >> at this point we're still working to determin
have been released, but the players union and owners did exchange new proposals. players say they will meet internally today to go over the new offers before returning to the bargaining table. the lockout is now in its 83rd day and the sides are still split over how to divide league revenues. >>> well, redskins rookie quarterback rg3 is already headed to the hall of fame. griffin's grass and dirt stained jersey and cleats from monday night's win over the giants are headed to canton. the rookie ran for 72 yards in the game, which helped him break the single season record by rushing for a quarterback with 714 yards. cam newton set the previous record just last year. griffin said it is awesome, but he hopes it is just the first step in a long career. and i have a feeling this is right. this is his first season in pro football. it's crazy p. >> you'd take a piece of that grass. >> i think he's terrific. i'm a big fan. >>> a friendly wager is brewing between two local politicians ahead of sunday's redskins-ravens showdown. >> howard county executive kent ullmann issued a challenge
: the head of the union that represents bus operators says this was a close call for the driver and that metro transit police need to do more to pro tprotect. metro transit police tell me this bus is equipped with a video recorder, they're in the process of retrieving and reviewing the video to see if it will shed light on the investigation and who pulled the trigger. in southeast washington, darcy spencer, news 4. >>> redskins and quarterback robert griffin iii, watched the end of the win over the ravens from the sidelines. he was knocked out in the fourth quarter with a right knee injury. carol maloney is here with the results of rg, ii's mri. >> we can deliver. >> the mri on griffin's right knee, was negative. coach shanahan will have more on his status tomorrow. meantime, skins get it done with their backup qb. let's go to fedex field. the come back from the other rookie. redskins and ravens, hugging and hating all week. ravens up 28-20. on the second and 19. rg3 trying to make something happen. gets hammered. going to see it again. trying to slide. his knee takes the hit. t
. >>> and a live look there at the flag flapping in front of union station in northeast d.c. >> strong winds, today. good morning and welcome to "news4 today." i am richard jordan. >> i am angie goff. she begged and begged and lost the battle, and we're talking about kim martucci. >> she went outside on the storm 4 team's weather deck. >> "baywatch," there we go. get the kids out of the room, folks. >> seriously. the gusty winds will be a problem for the high-profile vehicles out there. and you should be looking for occasionally, gusts above 30 miles per hour. and dress for the 20s. no doubt these winds are making it feel colder than what your thermometer outside the kitchen window says. it will feel like 25, by the way, during the redskins game at the start. here are the numbers. 38, and that's kind of a little falsehood. not quite because we look at the wind gusts. 33, d.c., and gusting to 32 in manass manassas. and here are the windchills. a cold one, guys. dress for the 20s. wear that hat. just forget about the aquanet. really not going to help you much. i will be inside pretty soon, and i will
slaves in states rebelling against the union. historians consider the proclamation a steppingstone to ratification of the 13th amendment which outlawed slavery. visitors lined up for a glimpse of the original document. >> very interesting experience. it's a very important document. >> it will be
and with military necessity. and then he went through that door. >> reporter: the proclamation and the union admitting blacks to its fighting ranks, helped tip the balance of the war toward the north, ultimately weakening confederate forces and eventually preserving the united states of america. many slaves, of course, went to their deaths never experiencing the freedoms espoused in president lincoln's emancipation proclamation. some were buried here in what is now known as the african burial ground national monument, lost to censure of redevelopment, only discovered decades ago. as a mainly her motion picture chronicles the life of the 16th president -- >> i like our chances now. >> reporter: -- americans are reminds of a man who changed a nation by proclamation. ron mott, nbc news, new york. >>> and as we look forward to the new year, something else that has withstood the test of time, final preparations have begun in times square for tomorrow's new year's eve celebration. organizers lit the famous crystal ball and sent it up and down for a test run. around 1 million people are expected to
the national background check system, eliminating gun show loopholes. the nation's largest police union also came out in support of a new assault weapons ban. but while some influential democrats are speaking out in support of a gun law, today the first signs of opposition from republicans. >> we did have an assault weapons ban for ten years. the crime rate was going down before it. the crime rate when it was lifted continued to go down. >> reporter: the nra is promising a news conference on friday. meanwhile in michigan, the republican governor today vetoed a bill that would have allowed concealed weapons at churches and at schools. brian? >> tom costello our d.c. news room. >>> meanwhile in newtown, four days now after this tragedy at the elementary school, this was the day the rest of the town schools reopened. and kids returned to class, even as others were being laid to rest. nbc's anne thompson remains in newtown for us tonight. anne, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. you know the biggest difference at school today was police presence. at holly elementary school, officers
with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. >>> this tragedy in newtown, connecticut has already ignited a national conversation about g. but how about the other half of this? mental illness. think of the component it's been in all the serious gun crimes we have covered. 1 in 17 americans lives with a serious mental illness, that's according to the government, and their symptoms range in severity, of course. but fewer than a third of them receive treatment. we have asked our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman to join us again to talk about this. it is the other component in all those cases we know about because of the name of the place. the ones we'll always remember. >> it is. and just think of it, brian, columbine, virginia tech, aurora. you start to see a pattern. and what is that pattern? anger, loneliness, social awkwardness, and, of course, access to guns. and the number that brian referenced, 1 out of 17, un
. the league left a voice mail message for union cef donald fehr being a voice mail message, saying the latest offer wasn't acceptable. so no the capitals won't be here, but we do have the hershey bears hockey team to enjoy, braden holtby getting ready in a familiar dressing room, this time in net for hershey. taking on norfolk, ahead to mcmillan be, mcmillan will beat hotel by glove side. admirals a 1-0 start. hotel b holtby, look at that, beautiful one-timer. hershey takes the lead and holds on for the 2-1 win. pretty good crowd at verizon center for a little hockey. maybe hershey will have to come back every week or so just to get our hockey fix. >>> to college park for some ladies hoops. little one enjoying the show as the terps hosted virginia. second half, virginia's randolph stripped by thomas. thomas going coast to coast for the strong finish. take another look. thomas, 20 points. give me that ball and i'm going the distance. 20 points, 11 rebounds, terps a 51-23 lead. later virginia on a 16-2 run, patten gets the steal, ahead to raton, up and in, the terps begin their defense of the a
're in union station and you come down the escalator and there's a few police with guns slung over and -- i hate that. >> despite the protests, gun stores have actually seen a huge increase in sales because many fear stricter regulations in light of the newtown school shooting. >>> scientists plan to get a better look into the mind of the sandy hook shooter. researchers at the university of connecticut will study the dna of 20-year-old adam lanza. some say the findings could help pinpoint mutations that are associated with aggressive and violent behavior. it could draw false conclusions on the genetic causes of mental illness. he's accused of killing 27 people earlier this month before turning the gun on him search and police have not revealed a motive yet. >>> coming up on 19 after the hour, this morning police in new york city are searching for the woman who pushed a man in front of a train and killed him. the woman was mumbling to herself and pacing on the platform before she shoved that man on to the tracks witnesses say. so far, it does not appear the victim and suspect knew each other
at union station. if this is any indication of how to dress today, you will need to layer up. a windy morning is here, and that's expected to be a very special spot as people return from a long holiday break, and they are heading out for the new year's. i saw a lot of taxicabs on the way in. could be some sort of party, who knows. i am angie goff. >> i am richard jordan, and it's december 30th, sunday. it's windy out there, and we are told that the temperatures might actually be higher than what it feels. >> oh, yeah, because of the windchill. let's check in with kim. >> that's right. the key to today is dress for the 20s and you should be good to go. we are not looking at any snow across the area, and the big story will be the gusty winds. outside right now it's 38. 33 in hagerstown. good morning, you are checking in at 37 but feels like 31 when the wind blows. gaithersburg, feels like 24, and 18 in been chester, and downtown in the district, it feels like 29. feeling like the 20s, and wind gusts will be around 25 to 30 miles per hour when they are not sustained out of the northwest
in the union bus terminal. every any crazy moves? >> no. >> reporter: feel safe? >> yes, sir, very safe. >> reporter: how popular is the bus travel? about 750 million trips a year. reporting live in chinatown. >>> well, a little wet out there, but also warm for december. >> which is why it's so foggy. doug is at the zoom. >> reporter: that's exactly right, wendy. that's why it's so foggy. we have some rain down to the south. this whoa system is creating problems out there. a lot of airport delays. and of course out towards reagan national. still four miles at reagan national. that's the good news there. you may want to call ahead of time. even over 50 degrees still at the airport. it's amazing how warm we are in the middle of december, and it's going to continue. not a whole lot to show you right now, but what's going to be happening overnight is we are going to see some rain making its way up from the south. that will give us better shower activity later on tonight. don't worry too much about the rain, but once again we are going to be seeing temperatures that will stay fairly consiste
of a bombing suspect who damaged the atm outside the virginia credit union. someone put an explosive device at the base of the atm near the drive-in window. the bank and six apartments nearby were temporarily evacuated. police hope the images will lead to an arrest. >>> a gaithersburg family fears wild animals are responsible for a deadly attack on their farm. coyotes or possibly wild dogs wandered on their property in woodfield road and killed several sheep. the family is worried the animals could strike again. the attacks don't just put the sheep in danger, but kids as well. >> we have so many kids in the surrounding area, and they all play outside. these dogs, whatever they are, are out there, and it's just a matter of time before they attack a person walking or children. >> this was the second attack like this one in two weeks. the family believes the sheep are easy prey and could be attacked again. >>> ten minutes now until 6:00. three weeks from now you'll be able to gather in maryland at this time. maryland casinos will be allowed to stay open 24 hours a day starting on december 27th
union, the mood is once again sour on both sides. >> there has been a development. it is not a positive one. we were advised in a voicemail message that the moves the players made were unacceptable. >> i am disappointed beyond belief that we are where we are tonight, and we're going to have to take a deep breath and try and regroup. >> the owners rejected an eight-year collective bargaining agreement. no new talks are scheduled just yet. >>> one prince george's county teen may not have gotten a whole lot of sleep last night. sheould make history tonight on the basketball court. jasmine hill of surratsville high school will look to become the first female in that school's history to score 1,000 points. right now she has 996 points heading into tonight's game against gwen park. hill will continue her hoops career next year at howard university. way to go. congrats. >>> the national christmas tree is shining bright this morning after a star studded lighting ceremony. >> three. two. one. ♪ >> 17,000 people gathered on the south lawn of the white house last night to watch the first family
happened early yesterday morning at the virginia credit union. someone put an explosive device at the base of the atm near the drive-in window. the bank and six apartments nearby were temporarily evacuat evacuated. >>> president obama was in falls church of fairfax county visiting a family today to talk about the looming fiscal cliff. the president met with high schoolteacher tiffany santana and her husband and parents. tiffany wrote to the white house in a social media campaign to talk about looming -- how the looming tax increases would impact middle class families if the lawmakers don't reach a deal by the end of the month. >> so it would be more like a $4,000 tax increase for us. which would be relatively devastating for our family. so i wanted to share that with the white house. i wasn't sure i was going to get a response. but i did want to at least make my voice heard. >> news4's julie carey sat down with the santanas. she'll have more on why they said hosting the president was overwhelming. that's coming up at news4 at 6:00. >>> an effort to end serious violence, civil war moved for
and police union have failed over several years to reach a new labor crest. >> one of the things i talk to the chief and mayor about is we need a contract for other police men and women so they are paid fairly. >> reporter: >> the firefighters haven't had a contract for five years, either. this administration and the prior administration do not understand or respect the role that emergency responders play in keep the city's safe and healthy. >>> the officials have ruled out plans to replace the aging douglas bridge in southeast. mayor gray unveiled a new design. some of the improvements include construction of a traffic circle and oval, and reconstructing the 295 interchange. construction is expected to start in 2015. the project is estimated to cost about $ 660 million. >>> well, it has been a very good day, folks, to be a redskins fan. in case you don't know, the team is on its way to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. >> quite cause to celebrate. the victory song is till ringing in the ears of the fans who were at fedex field last night. ♪ chp [ cheers and applause ] >>> o
. it happened early yesterday morning at the virginia credit union. somebody put an explosive device at the base of the atm near the drive-in window. the bank and six apartments nearby were temporarily evacuated. >>> for the second time in a few weeks, something attacked several animals on a ga gaithersburg farm. they woke up to find several of their sheep dead. it appears to be the work of a coyote or wild dog. the owners of the farm are nervous. >> i have a child myself. a 10-year-old little girl. and we have so many kids in the surrounding area and they all play outside. they think it's more than one animal is responsible for the attacks. >>> an suv slammed into two businesses at a wheaton strip mall this morning about 11:30 in the 2500 block of anals avenue. it went through the front of a hair salon and check cashing business but nobody was hurt here. >>> just before 5:00 this evening, the national family lit the national christmas tree down on the ellipse. >> reporter: saw it all go down, still going down right now in the ellipse. rocking james taylor, just stepped on the stage right after
's the inaugural address going to be like, what's the state of the union going to be like, and what's the budget going to be like? because if they decide that they are going to be able to run over the house republicans for the next two years, you're going to see very dramatic demands that are different than if in fact they are facing a group prepared to fight them. >> but this does real damage to the economy and to millions of people if going over the cliff. this is not an abstraction. you could begin a recession. and senator durbin's idea in and the polls support him that the republicans will own this recession will last about one month, because presidents own recessions. presidents own dramatic improvements in things. we live in the obama era. not the john boehner era. >> the other thing, john, is the potential political blood that could be spilled. if the president gets tax hikes, which he can do, a couple of different ways. he could muscle this through by the end of the year. then all of a sudden you face another debt ceiling debate, where the republicans can use that to try to extract conce
of our union getting strong. we've come too far to turn back now. >> i've talked to so many people, huge supporters in 2008. they're disappointed in you. >> this is the nature of being president. >> he seems to think america is on the right track and things are going well. >> things are truly heating up in the gop race. the attacks are flying. most of them are aimed squarely at front runner mitt romney. >> can we drop a little bit of pious bologna? >> romney enjoys firing people. >> a competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us. >> i have decided -- >> to suspend the campaign. >> it's a lock. mitt romney secures the republican presidential nomination. >> a better america begins tonight. >> mitt romney has chosen wisconsin congressman paul ryan. >> the next vice president of the united states. >> it's all about the economy for this election. >> we can't tell you you're better off. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive! >> high-profile distractions for the republican party. >> it's a limit rape. the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down. >> that's j
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